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A few ideas

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1 A few ideas on Sun Nov 10, 2013 11:42 am

Ok. its 11:30 for me right now so some thigns might not make any sense.
Here are a few ideas:
-Larger Shop: So players can buy/sell more items and maybe for more money then they are now?
-A warp to a lvl 30 enchant table that costs some money?
-Spawn plots: Not many but a place where deticated players can show off their creations at spawn.
-Contests: When there are a few players on maybe do a contest like: Who can find a dester temple fastest or somthing?
-Maybe have a parkor with rewards at the end like: lvl 30 enchant table A repair sign that cost 10000 per repair, maybe a shop with better selling prices but lower buying prices that has a few rare items.
-Larger spawn area
-Donatio ranks that give cool perks- ex:donor, donor+,VIP, VIP+ that get exclusive kits that get better each rank, and maybe some IGN cash with the purchase of these ranks,and also more /sethomes
-A online server Shop where you can buy in game ranks and money
-PvP arena or mob arena

These are a few ideas i had thought of, please respnd and let me know if you want any more ideas Very Happy


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